The Model Engineer’s Handbook. Third Edition, 1996. Cain, T. Nexus Special Interests.


4 out of 5


A very useful book for the model engineer. In many ways, this is a vastly simplified version of The Machinery’s Handbook, in that it presents all the basic data that the ME will need, but in an easy-to-read format.

Some of the more useful sections include: tool cutting angles; cutting speeds for various materials, tapping drill sizes, etc. There is a wealth of other useful information and the book repays regulare reading.

There is a fair bit of superfluous stuff too though – log tables and various other mathematical tables that are obsolete in this age of the calculator. There is a whole section on SI units which is ironic as the rest of the book then uses ‘inches’, ‘pounds’ and similar archaic units of measurement!!

Well worth having in your library, and guaranteed to gather dirty fingerprints from regualr workshop use.