AMD40IL4 – 40cc in-line four cylinder i/c engine


The AMD40IL4 is a 40cc in-line four cylinder four-stroke internal combustion engine.  It is a multi-cylinder version of the AMD10S, with which it has many common components.


  • Single- and double overhead camshaft variants, with timing belt
  • Air- and water-cooled variants
  • Designed for petrol or glow-fuel
  • Bore – 23mm
  • Stroke – 24mm
  • Swept volume – 39.88cc
  • Compression ratio – 8.9:1
  • Gear-type oil pump
  • Gear-type water pump (water cooled version only, obviously)
  • No castings required, machined from solid.


Not yet available.


Purchase Drawings

I plan to make drawings and illustrated construction notes available for sale in due course.  Please contact me to register your interest.