R/C electric speed boat

R/C electric speed boat


The concept design for this electric speed boat was done in 1996.  It lay dormant for many years, until re-born in 2012 when construction plans were drafted and the prototype was built.  The boat is designed for high performance on a low budget.  It is a freelance model, not designed to any particular class, but is suitable for a relatively inexperienced model maker and can be used, as in this case, to introduce children to model making (albeit with considerable adult help).

The boat runs extremely well with the motor and batteries detailed below, as can be seen in the video.


  • Deep V planing hull form with steeply raked transom.
  • Length – approx 65cm (need to check!)
  • Beam – approx 20cm (need to check!)
  • Motor – BRC A2814-5T outrunner motor.
  • Battery pack – 7 cell (8.4V) 4600mAh NiMH
  • ESC – Hobbywing Seaking watercooled with BEC.  Rated at 35A continuous, 70A burst.
  • Construction – ply skin on ply frames.
  • 2 channel R/C for rudder and speed control.


Plans and construction notes to be made available in due course.  Please contact me to register interest.