Carriage multi-stop

Carriage multi-stop


A carriage multi-stop is designed to help turning operations by stopping the lathe carriage in a particular position – or, in this case, six independently adjustable positions.  This is a great boon when machining a batch of parts as the stop can be set to bring the carriage to the correct position for each operation.

This particular device is mounted on the front of the lathe bed, and is fitted to a Myford Super 7B lathe.  The design could be adapted for other lathes.  The stop block slides along a length of T-section steel, which is bolted to the lathe using the rack bolts.  The stop block is locked in position using an integral lock.  The stop bar is screwed to the lathe carriage using the length of studding that also secures the thread indicator.  A turret is fitted to the end of the stop bar and this has six lengths of studding equally-spaced around it.  The studding is screwed in and out to give the correct positions, each piece retained by a lock nut.

A kit for a very similar device is available from Hemingway Kits; their design features a casting, but mine was machined from solid.



Stop bar diameter: 12mm

Positions: six

Materials: Stop block – steel; stop bar – silver steel; turret – steel.