Dividing Head

Dividing Head


My dividing head is to my own design based on combining the best bits of various other designs.  My objective was to make a sturdy design with a wide footprint giving rigidity and security.  It is made entirely without castings, using readily-available round and flat bar stock.  Divisions are set using a gear train; I use the gears from my Warco WMT 300 lathe, but any suitable gears would do.

The dividing head is designed for use either on the Myford cross slide or the milling machine table.  This allows operations with the cutting tool either axial or radial with respect to the spindle.

The spindle nose is the same as the Myford, allowing interchangability of tooling, e.g. chucks, collets, etc.  The spindle runs in cast iron bearings and the front bearing is split to allow for a spindle lock, an essential feature of any dividing head.P1020874


Spindle taper – MT2

Spindle nose – as for Myford

Centre height – coincident with Myford centre height when bolted to Myford cross slide

Materials – spindle – free cutting mild steel; body – bright flat bar; banjo – aluminium; spindle bearings – cast iron

Drawings and Construction Notes

I have added rough drawings below.  These could do with a bit of formatting and tidying up, but should be sufficient to allow you to make the dividing head.  Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please note that I do not guarantee the accuracy of the drawings and accept no responsibility or liability for any errors or consequent losses.  The drawings are provided free of charge for private hobby use at your own risk.  They may not be used for commercial purposes or reproduced in any form without my permission.  Please acknowledge this website if forwarding the drawings to your friends.  Construction notes are not yet available.  Thank you for your understanding.

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