My Range of Miniature IC Engines

My Range of Miniature IC Engines

The Engines

Welcome to my new range of miniature IC engines.  These engines are still in the prototyping stage.  They are designed to be built in the home workshop and should be within the capabilities of any competent and reasonably well equipped model engineer.  They can be built without castings, although I am considering castings for the crankcases of the multi-cylinder versions.

The initial range consists of the following engines:

  • 5cc single cylinder four stroke, the AMD5S
  • 20cc in-line four cylinder four stroke, the AMD20IL4
  • 10cc single cylinder four stroke, the AMD10S
  • 40cc in-line four cylinder four stroke, the AMD40IL4

All of the engines are designed for either glow plug or spark ignition.  They have single and double overhead camshaft variants and can be either air or water cooled.

The 20cc engine is a based on the 5cc, just with more cylinders, and the 40cc engine is based on the 10cc.  The designs are modular and, if successful, I am hoping to develop versions in horizontally opposed ‘boxer’ and V configurations.

The engines are designed to be practical, working models, with the ultimate aim of using them in my large scale car models.  I also anticipate that they will be suitable for boat or aircraft use.  Slight modifications may be required depending on the intended final use; for example an aero version may require a slightly longer crankshaft.

The Prototypes

I have completed the initial designs for these engines as of April 2013 and construction of the prototypes of the 5, 10 and 20cc engines is now well underway – see build blog for more details.  The prototypes will be used to prove the drawings and test the successful operation of the designs before completing the final drawings.

I am building prototypes of the following engines:

  • Two off AMD5S, one air cooled, one water cooled, one SOHC and one DOHC
  • Two off AMD10S, as above
  • One off AMD20IL4, water cooled and with interchangeable SOHC and DOHC cylinder heads.

This will allow the design to be tested in various configurations.

Drawings and Construction Notes

I plan to make drawings and illustrated construction notes available for sale in due course, when the designs have been proven.

AMD20IL4 general arrangement.

AMD20IL4 general arrangement.