Free Resources

Free Resources

This page contains resources that you can download free of charge for your own personal use.  Your are free to pass these on to third parties, but please mention this website if you do so.  Also, please not the disclaimer at the foot of this page.  Thanks!

Build Planning Tool

This is an Excel file designed to help you organise your build projects.  You need to enter details of all the parts in your project and then the tool will help you to generated a bill of materials and to plan an efficient build sequence, maximising the number of operations completed at each machine tool set up and minimising set up changes.  It can also help to generate a cost estimate for the project and a build schedule.  Knowing the time and cost involved before getting stuck into the project and then going about the project in an efficient way will maximise the chances of successful and enjoyable completion. Instructions are included in the first tab.  The use of the tool is described in my series ‘Faster Model Building’ in Model Engineer magazine, starting in no. 4472.

The link to the tool is below.  You will need to download and save this to your computer.  The file is populated with real data from my Mk II model car project which might help you to understand how it works; obviously you need to delete my data and add your own.

Click to download Build Planning Tool

Holes on a PCD – Coordinates Calculator

This is an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate the coordinates of any number of equally-spaced holes arranged on a PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter).  Coordinates are calculated with reference to the centre of the PCD or any other reference point.  This tool is useful for dividing operations using the coordinate method.  Download the file to your computer using the link below.

Click to download Holes_on_PCD_Coords_Calculator

Dividing Plate Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet enables you to quickly generate a table of the divisions possible with your dividing plates and the worm drive ratio on your dividing head or rotary table.

Click to download Dividing_Plate_Calculator

Geartrain Dividing Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet enables you to quickly establish a three-gear geartrain combination to achieve a set number of divisions on a dividing head.

Click to download Gearchain_Calculator

DISCLAIMER: all downloads and resources offered on this page are intended for hobby use only.  Although they have been carefully checked, no guarantee regarding their accuracy is made or implied.  No liability whatsoever is accepted for any consequences, loss or damage connected with the use of these resources under any circumstances.

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  1. Robert
    Robert / 1-1-2016 / ·

    Hello im have see your site.
    Im look for engine Line 6/V8/V12.
    Working model engine.
    For my round nose hydroplane what me make.
    Like info. motors you have ?,and price ?.
    Or mabey you no poaple what make this.
    Im look for more production motor,have email some other poaple,this is custom 1 engine.
    This is to expensive to make.
    Greethings Robert.

  2. John S.
    John S. / 1-8-2018 / ·

    Hi Alex, I have tried to download the build planning tool twice but am unable to open the file. Do I need a special app to access it? Thanks

  3. John S.
    John S. / 1-10-2018 / ·

    Thank you Alex, I just got the app and am going through it. I appreciate all of your help.

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