Quasar Motor Glider


The Quasar motor glider originally appeared in the June 1991 edition of RCM&E magazine (vol. 34 issue 6).  The model was designed to be a sedate flyer capable of thermal or slope soaring, but with motor power to broaden its operating ability.  It performs beautifully, with optional flaps helping to shorten take off and landing.

Electric power has become far more prevailant since the model was first designed and would be a better power source for this model, allowing the power to be switched on only when needed and making it quieter and even more relaxing to fly.

I hope one day to design an improved Mk II version.


  • Wingspan – 113.5 inches.
  • Power – 0.25 glow engine was originally used and provides ample power.
  • Four or five function radio control (ailerons, rudder, elevator, throttle and optional flaps)
  • Construction – fuselage is balsa planks over frame and wings are veneered foam.  Wings could alternatively be built up construction and this is shown on the original plans.
  • All-moving tailplane.


Original plans are available from the publishers of RCM&E magazine.