Mk. II 1/5 Scale R/C car

Mk. II 1/5 Scale R/C car


The Mk. II car is my latest car design.  It will be a significant improvement over the Mk. I and draws together all the lessons learned from the original.  This will be reflected in the improved design and more efficient production.  This car will be powered by the AMD20IL4 four cylinder engine driving all four wheels via a five-speed reversing gear box and an additional hi/lo ratio box.


The design is almost complete and has been done using TurboCAD, which allows all parts to be tested for fit and conflicts before build.  Production will be slicker, through use of a part numbering system and my Build Planning Tool to optimise the build sequence and minimise time lost due to missing materials and machine tool set ups.
Car frontAs with the original, the car will be fifth scale and based on the SUV body style.  I have put more effort into the styling as well as the mechanical design, making this an artistic as well as an engineering project.  Current plans are to build two versions, one i/c powered and one electric.

Car top

This will prove my planned re-usable moulds and exploit production runs of components.  It will also test my ideas for a modular chassis mould with interchangeable parts to allow variations of the chassis to be made from the same mould.  It is hoped to be able to make mouldings available for purchase in due course.



As for the Mk. I, Excel has been used extensively to do the engineering calculations, e.g.  brake design, speed/power calcs, gearbox ratios, suspension geometry and damper design, weight and centre of gravity calcs, etc.

Production is due to start in 2013.


 Specification (subject to change pending design review)

  • Engine – AMD20IL4 20cc in-line four cylinder four-stroke
  • Alternative power – potentially 750kV outrunner motor, 150A HobbyWing speed controller/BEC and 12V NiMH battery pack (10 D-cells)
  • Estimated speed – 20mph
  • Four wheel drive via centre and final drive differentials
  • Brakes – hydraulic, opposed piston callipers (front – four piston, rear – two piston)
  • Multi channel radio control for throttle, steering, clutch, gearbox, lights
  • Working lights – separately controlled head/tail lights, brake lights, indicators, hazard lights
  • Dimensions –  910mm x 360mm x 3400mm (length x width x height)
  • Wheelbase – 570mm
  • Track – 296mm
  • Wheel diameter – 160mm (i.e. tyre diameter)
  • Tyre width – 54mm
  • Weight – 14kg (estimated)
  • Chassis and bodyshell – GRP mouldings
  • Wheels – alloy wheels milled from solid, with separate rims
  • Tyres – moulded from silicone rubber,pneumatic or foam filled, reinforced with glass cloth
  • Suspension – double wishbone front and rear, with fine adjustment to wheel camber, toe-in/out and wishbone length possible.  Oil-filled coil-over dampers.  Rear suspension geometry gives adjustable compliance steer, i.e. the wheels can be set up to toe-in/out with suspension compression.


There are no videos available yet.